Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Plans, also known as Medigap Insurance, helps to pay the deductibles and the 20% Medicare doesn’t cover and gives you a more complete insurance policy.  Medicare coverage gives you protection in case of illness and accidental injuries, however it may not provide the comprehensive coverage you need.  Medicare Supplement Plans fills in these missing areas, and helps to cover co-pays and deductibles required by your insurance plan.

There are a wide variety of Medigap insurance plans available, with different benefits and coverage for each.  Altogether there are a total of 11 Medigap insurance plans, named alphabetically A through N.  These plans are regulated by the state and federal government, and rates are defined through age and location.  Navigating these plans and their coverage can be a difficult and complicated task to do alone, but experts at J.R. Breazeale Insurance Agency will help you find the plan that you need, with benefits and deductibles that work best for you.

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The ABC’s of Medigap Insurance

  • There are 10 standardized Medicare Supplement insurance Plans (from A to N) plus a high Deductible Plan F, that cover all the states in the U.S. Medicare Sup Standardized Benefits
  • Each Letter Plan has a different set of basic and extra benefits.
  • All insurance companies must offer to sell Plan A and B as a rule of law. If they choose to offer any other Medicare insurance plans, then they must also offer Plan C and/or Plan F.
  • Rates are uniform for all people of the same age for the same plan priced by zip code (higher for smokers). Also, every plan F from every company in Texas would have the same basic benefits.
  • Medicare Supplements do not cover for your spouse’s health care costs. You and your spouse must buy separate policies.
  • If you are covered under a group health insurance plan, you don’t need to buy Medigap Insurance.
  • All insurance plans may not be available in all insurance areas, including the state where you live.
  • All medigap insurance plans are underwritten for health, like life and health insurance applications, except for an Open Enrollment Period. This Open Enrollment is the first six-month period beginning on the first day of the month in which you are enrolled in Medicare Part B. If you are on Medicare under age 65, you will also have a six month Open Enrollment Period when you reach age 65.
  • Since all same letter plans have basic benefits identical at all companies, and there are no preexisting conditions clauses on most plan changes (with no gap in coverage over 63 days), most people, if they are healthy, change medigap plans every 3-4 years to lower their costs.

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