J.R. "Rick" Breazeale Insurance Agency

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone needs a variety of insurance coverage. Whether you need to help protect the future of your loved ones with life insurance, cover potential medical/health expenses, supplement your Medicare, or provide for your retirement, J. R. “Rick” Breazeale Insurance Agency offers all types of personal plans to cover your needs.

Life is an inherently risky endeavor. Chaos and calamity wait just around the corner, but we cannot cower in fear; we must keep moving. As we go about our daily lives, it’s only natural to worry about the myriad catastrophes that may befall us.  It’s our job at J. R. Breazeale to mitigate those worries, to allow you to be happy in the knowledge that you are as prepared as possible for whatever obstacles that get in your way. We’d all like to live carefree. Comprehensive insurance takes us a giant step closer to such a mindset.

Most insurance companies in Monahans, Kermit, Midland, or Odessa will offer you comparable services. What distinguishes one insurance agency from another is how those services are offered and what value you get as a customer. J. R. “Rick” Breazeale Insurance Agency is dedicated to providing you with world-class service at an affordable price, timely useful financial advice and we do this in a friendly and personal manner.

In particular, we pride ourselves in providing excellent health insurance to citizens of the neighborhoods where we actually live. We are a community institution. We care about our customers – they’re our neighbors, friends, and family. Around Monahans, the name J. R. Breazeale is synonymous with trust and honest business practices. Our success in selling Medicare Advantage and other life insurance here is built upon a decades-long reputation for sheer honesty.

We are a private, independently owned company based in Monahans, TX with over 30 years of experience. Our staff is well trained in the field of insurance and is dedicated to working for your needs wherever you are in Texas. We have the knowledge and experience to determine the kind of insurance coverage you require, be it life, group life, or health. In addition to that, we care enough to listen to your needs and concerns and address them professionally.

Our customer service department is staffed with individuals who treat you as a friend rather than a customer. We do not have computer voice mail. You can reach us in the office M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If you need to schedule an after-hours appointment, just ask. We are happy to oblige.

Call or email us to find out what we can specifically do for you! We will be more than happy to serve your annuity, life, health, disability, and Medicare needs.